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We understand high risk, complex, high volume and hard to place merchants better than just about anyone

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When it Comes to 2D Payment Gateway Industries, One Size Doesn’t Fit Al

We are dedicated to providing 2D merchant accounts and business solutions to benefit our clients’ long-term growth

A Partnership That Can Take You To The Top

Each industry has its own unique requirements for obtaining a merchant account. Even though your business may have sound financial and operating practices, you may still be declined. If you are, let’s talk. Partner with a firm that has the operational model to board merchants considered high risk by traditional banks.

We offer an aggressive merchant acceptance policy, personalized industry consultation, flexible merchant account solutions – domestic or offshore – and can reduce liability to yield greater rewards.

When others say no, we say YES!

2D Payment Gateway and High Risk Payment Models Are Our Specialty

If an acquirer expects many chargebacks, monetary loss or potential fraud, they’ll stay away. 2D Gateway LLC understands your business type and can mitigate any and all potential risk.

Our team of specialists has the experience, processes and capacity to address high risk merchant markets and comply with card brand rules across multiple geographies.

We also engage in sound underwriting practices that address evolving risk trends. The end result is faster merchant account approvals with fewer chargebacks.

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We are Your Trusted Commerce Partner

Choose expert commerce solutions and powerful 2D Payment Gateway that help your business grow, no matter your industry or where you do business.

Rapid Approvals

When it comes to servicing your business, we cut through the red tape. We can approve your 2D Payment Gateway and high risk merchant account the same day in most cases.

Quality Client Care

Knowledgeable, dependable 24/7 Customer Support.Our technical help desk can answer your questions day or night, by phone or email.

Transparent, No Hidden Fees

Affordable rates with no hidden fees. Some of our competition doesn’t get it. We’ve made transparency and friendly service our mission.

Unified Omni-Channel Solutions

Connect in-store or retail operations to an eCommerce site and provide a seamless, innovative and unified customer experience.

Secure & Simple Integration

Our robust, feature-rich platform is designed for merchants to quickly integrate with their shopping cart, eCommerce or online POS solution.

Personal Assistance

We’ve always got your back. Your business is unique and our goal is to provide you with personalized solutions to ensure your success.


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